Pool and spa FAQs

Swimming pools and spas or hot tubs are open water systems and are therefore constantly influenced by the environment as well as by the swimmers and bathers using the pool.

Rain, wind and sunshine all have an influence on the purity and clarity of the water. Of course, so do swimmers and bathers, as they introduce contaminants such as sweat, urine, skin cells, soap and shampoo residues, body lotions and suntan oils into the water.

Correct sanitisation is critical for maintaining a clean, healthy swimming pool.

This is usually achieved by the use of chlorine, which is safe, effective and economical. Alternative sanitisers are also available, but pool authorities continue to recommend that even when these products are used, a background level of chlorine (a chlorine residual) should always be maintained.

The use of a good sanitiser is extremely important from a health point of view - bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi can all potentially cause serious illness. However, it is also important to look after the chemical balance of your pool, so that your sanitiser can work properly. And your pool or spa will also benefit from other elements of chemical maintenance from time to time.

Pool maintenance concentrates on two key areas: (i) maintaining or adjusting the chemical balance of the pool water, and (ii) the removal of dirt and debris.

The chemical balance of the swimming pool water is critical; you will need to test the pool water regularly and to adjust various chemical levels by adding pool chemicals, always according to the results of the pool water tests.

In order to remove debris and dirt from the pool you will be relying primarily on your water circulation and filtration system. Regular brushing and vacuuming of your pool will help to keep dirt and debris under control. Of course, you will also need to clean the filter itself and, depending on your filter system, you might need to replace the filtration medium itself (eg. paper cartridges) when necessary.

In order to determine how much of each chemical you will need to balance the pool water chemistry, we have provided an interactive Chemical Calculator on our website to help you take out the guess work.

These FAQs are designed to provide you with some general advice on common problems and questions about pool maintenance. If you have a specific query, just e-mail our helpline on help@easypoolchemicals.co.uk.